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updated 27/01/2021

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Custom built three wheeler cars and kits
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Remember...superb aluminium bodywork...with 120 louvres,... not just fibreglass!

www.aerocyclecars.blogspot.com an on-going build up blog

www.aerobarrelback.blogspot.com showing a client's excellent barrelback car 

Blatting at Blyton.

Fortunately, some of my clients are serious eccentrics! The nose cone markings were found on noses of Fw 190s of 1./JG 1 in 1943!

A Californian plane builder's car. The Plane is a Renegade Spirit

Aero Cycle Cars reserve the right to alter kit specifications without notice.

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check out the following blogs:

www.aerocyclecars.blogspot.com an on going build manual styled blog.

www.aerobarrelback.blogspot.com possibly the best client built car.


Aero Cycle Cars manufactures the  Aero Merlin,  Beetleback and Barrelback model The Aero Cycle Car is a classic replica of the Morgan style three wheeler. Aero Cycle Cars use Moto Guzzi engines, in a space frame chassis clad in aluminium. Aero Cycle Cars are uniquely handmade three wheelers recreating the flair and nostalgia of the 1930s.

Aero Merlin is powered by Moto Guzzi 850/950/1064cc engines and we can build you a complete car in turn-key guise, fully tested and registered, or simply a rolling chassis...or you build it yourself. If you constructed airfix kits or used Meccano as a child, you can build one of these. See Donor bikes for a detailed list of suitable bikes

Why Aero Merlin? Not only did Morgan themselves call one of their own models "The Aero", but I decided long ago that the three wheeler fits in with my aviation interests in general, and my interest in all aeroplanes powered by the Rolls Royce Merlin engine. The company logo reflects Merlin the bird after which the Merlin engine was named of course, and Merlin, the "Arthurian" wizard.

A complete car fitted with a low mileage Moto Guzzi drive-train commences at £27,000.

A starter kit, Kit 001 with a bare metal chassis, all grp components (3) and all aluminium panels all pre-cut and trial fitted, £3995. Louvred panels are an extra £395.

We also provide a fully comprehensive kit with all items enabling a build to test standards (not including the Moto Guzzi components which will come from your donor bike) £14,995. Bonnets, side panels and detachable front side panels are all fully louvred in a complete kit.

Arthur Rayner

Prices & Specs


Click here to read this....MSVA Manual you will need to comply.

 MSVA (Motorcycle Single Vehicle Approval) is the approval test for a vehicle built within the UK. You need an MSVA certificate to register your car.

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  Replica Morgan three wheeler kits and cars, trikes, specialist sports cars and kit manufacturers of the original BRA CX3 MG3 & CV3 cycle cars
www.aerocyclecars.com www.aero-merlin.com

The Aero Cycle Car  is  a  two-seater, open cockpit, sporting car in the tradition of a 1920s Triking type cyclecar.
The Aero Cycle Car is similar to the Morgan Three Wheeler.

Morgan three wheeler

Morgan trike

Morgan 3 wheeler

Three wheeler

3 wheeler

Aero Morgan

Triking Morgan