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updated 04/07/2013

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Custom built three wheeler cars and kits
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Remember...superb aluminium bodywork...with 120 louvres,... not just fibreglass!


This set-up is the standard 19 inch wheel/tyre/suspension/brake specification. If you wish for the alternative knock on 15 inch MWS MGA set up with light weight suspension/brake components, please ask.

Firstly, the weight saving is fantastic, and a weight comparison chart will be available shortly.

A little history of "kit car" suspension and how it has evolved.

Traditionally, and from the 1960s specifically, two systems have been used quite universally...from a British perspective of course!

1) Triumph Herald based.

2) Ford Cortina based.

A lot of early kit cars and specialist cars began with Triumph Herald based uprights and hubs. For example, Lotus Seven, and now the Caterham Seven, in fact Caterham still use a modified Herald/Spitfire upright with bottom spherical joints.

From the 1970s right up date, the staple diet of the kit car front suspension system for many manufacturers, Westfield and many others, many three wheelers including the JZR and BRA, has been the very heavy Ford Cortina cast steel upright/hub/12mm disc/M16 caliper setup.

Westfield developed an aluminium alloy upright/hub in the 1990s, and several other manufacturers have followed suit in the last decade, namely Raceleda and Rallye Design.

The Ford Cortina had a kerbside weight depending on models of between 1040-1130Kg.Our and other generic three wheelers weigh 400Kg or less. Clearly these vehicles do not need the stopping power of a car that weighs in excess of 1000Kg. Morgans never exceed 880lbs/400Kg, though the new Morgan is over 500Kg.

Our alloy uprights take our own stub axle and combined light weight alloy motorcycle wheel/hub combination, in conjunction with Hi-Spec Motorsport Ultralite calipers and 280mm diameter, 6mm thick discs.

We use 19 inch Akront/Morad rims laced to alloy hubs.

The set up is now classic motor cycle derived, and  unequal length wishbones with coil over shock absorbers.


These wheels were fitted 7/2/09, they are not the best of photos and do not do the new system justice. When the weather is better new photos will be taken and posted. Pads are not yet fitted. The discs have to be radiused. New mud guard stays have to be fabricated to take 19 inch mudguards. Full weights will also be posted.

Note the polished stainless steel mudguard stays.

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