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updated 16/02/2013

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RAF Polish Squadrons fight back from Chailey Sussex in support of D-Day 6th June 1944. A history of the men and machines.

This superb 96 page book in colour has masses of war time photos, plus colour profiles of the aircraft, and contemporary colour photos of Spitfires on the current airshow circuit.
The book is available directly from the publisher, Spitfire Art, art@spitfireart.com .You may purchase this directly from me, paying by cash, cheque or by paypal.

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Spit & Polish has the following chapters:

Polish Battle of Britain Pilots: Interestingly, 19 of the Chailey pilots had fought in the Battle of Britain.
Prelude: Basic history of the establishment of the actual airfield.
Idiots Delight 11: A B26 Marauder landed 27/8/43.
Tujunga: A B-17 landed 25/2/44
What is an advanced landing ground?:
The Polish Air Force at Chailey:
A forty page diary of action.
In Defence of the Airfield:
Domestic Life at Chailey:
The Standard of the Polish Air Force:
Brig Gen A.K. Gabszewicz D.S.O.,D.F.C., V.M.: RAF Chailey's Commanding Officer.
A Narrow Escape: A Pilot's personal story.
And another.....:  Another Pilot's personal story.
I married a Polish fighter pilot:
A Halifax Mk111 Operation:
A Canadian Halifax bomber crashed at Chailey 25/6/44.
The Devil's Brat:
A B-17 crashed at Chailey 3/8/44.
After the departure:

Various appendices giving Polish pronunciation, lists of airfield construction squadrons, RAF Regiment Units, and lists of pilots in all squadrons.
168 Black & White photos, 39 colour photos, 11 colour aircraft profiles, various maps.

Take a quick look at a selection of some of the photos contained in this book.


The road shown running bottom left to top right is Beresford Lane.
The east west runway shown horizontally above is where the 2000 and 2004 airshows were held.

Spitfire MkVB, BM597 flown by Fl. Lt. Charlie Brown touches down at Chailey on 5th August 2000, the first Spitfire to land there since 1944.