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Custom built three wheeler cars and kits
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Remember...superb aluminium bodywork...with 120 louvres,... not just fibreglass!


We ship worldwide.

The following photographs show a shipping case containing a bare metal chassis kit with fibreglass components. This size of shipping case will accommodate a full kit comprising every possible component including an engine and gearbox. Wheels and all suspension components can be packed within the chassis.

This shipping case has internal dimensions of 3200mm x 1100mm x 900mm. This case costs approximately £600GBP (pounds). It can be shipped to the following example destinations for approximately £650GPB (pounds).  These are example shipping rates which will vary slightly according to your own port of arrival, but show an average worldwide price across the three continents shown, and the rates are to arrival port side only. Please ask for your specific location to be quoted.


New York
Los Angeles



South Africa:


All sailings are weekly, transit times vary, New York/Boston 10-12 days, Los Angeles 24 days, Australia 36-39 days, South Africa 21 days.
Prices exclude destination charges which should be checked at your port.

The photos show a partially completed kit, but a full kit with every conceivable component will fit within this size of crate.

There is a crate packing charge of £100.

Please note that this size of case is only slightly greater in width than a chassis, so will not accommodate a fully built car or a rolling chassis which of course is wider due to the track of the vehicle with its wheels fitted. A wider case can be quoted for which will also require an additional shipping charge as it will occupy greater volume within a 20ft shipping container.

All shipping charges will be paid directly by the client to the shipping company.

Please remember, Aero Cycle Cars has no control whatsoever regarding the costs of shipping and a shipping case, and merely quotes charges as a service.

Import regulations:

To date Aero Cycle Cars have shipped to USA and Australia. It is incumbent entirely upon you as importer to ensure that you select or work with an import customs clearing agent and complete or have completed on your behalf the relevant import documentation. Use of a nominated agent by you or your shipping company's reciprocal agent means that Aero Cycle Cars plays no part in this aspect, except to supply suitable invoices/bill of sale and a packing list.

For US importation, you as importer or your clearing agent, are required to complete an ISF Importer Security Filing and Additional Carrier Requirements General Information

email me for any help/info

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