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updated 22/03/2020

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Custom built three wheeler cars and kits
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Remember...superb aluminium bodywork...with 120 louvres,... not just fibreglass!

Aero Cycle Cars products.


1) Aero Cycle Cars, a UK company, produces three wheeled motor cycle derived kits and fully built motor tricycles in various guises as shown below at 4).

2) Aero Cycle Cars products comply with UK MSVA regulations, leading to a Minister's Approval Certificate (MAC), granting British National Type Approval (as appended top left of an MAC), leading to compliance with DVLA regulations for the purpose of registration as a tricycle within the UK, and road taxed (VED) as a tricycle, being less than 450kgs mass. MSVA is Motor Cycle Single Vehicle Approval thus conferring and confirming that these vehicles are, and can only be tested and approved as Motor Cycle derived. Regulations are in the MSVA manual which is available as a download.

3) Aero Cycle Cars supplies wheels, tyres, and brake hoses fully DOT marked.

4) Aero Cycle Cars builds and supplies kits in the following guises:

a) Kit 001, a space frame to which are fitted over 25 separate pre-cut aluminium body panels, and three fibreglass (GRP) upper body components, namely, nose cone, scuttle, rear cover.

b) Various intermediate kits from 002 - 008 (front wheels/suspension - bucket seats)

c) Various additional options in addition to the intermediate kits shown above.

d) Rolling chassis option. This option can only be supplied fully completed as described, within the UK. For overseas purchasers, this option is supplied CKD (completely knocked down in component form, similar to kits 001-8 but not with all components in kits 001-008 unless agreed, specified and paid for), in order to fit within a specified crate size. Please refer to the website.

e) Full kit, as specified and priced, (comprising all or most components from kits 001-008 and/or from the options list) or a partial/customised "full" kit as agreed, specified and paid for.

f) Completely built up motor tricycle, which may not be appropriate for importation into many countries. Completely built up cars for the UK market will be built to comply with and to pass MSVA regulations and DVLA registration requirements, for which a separate fee is payable for presentation/registration/taxation.

g) In all cases, a-e above, it is clearly implied that the purchaser supplies his own donor Moto Guzzi (unless otherwise specified) motor cycle, which will donate the following components: engine, gearbox, rear fork, rear wheel, final drive and other appropriate associated components which might also include a wiring harness.

h) In no case, a-e above, is any version of a kit, a completed car for the purpose of importation, since none of the items at g) will have been included.

5) It is entirely incumbent on overseas purchasers and prospective purchasers, to specifically investigate compliance with their own customs authorities and all regulatory bodies concerned with both importation and registration.

6) Aero Cycle Cars cannot and will not enter into any negotiations with overseas authorities about compliance with customs authorities and internal regulatory bodies concerned with both importation and registration. However, Aero Cycle Cars will assist all overseas purchasers with appropriate paperwork that may assist where possible with compliance with customs authorities and internal regulatory bodies concerned with both importation and registration.


Click here to read this....MSVA Manual you will need to comply.

 MSVA (Motorcycle Single Vehicle Approval) is the approval test for a vehicle built within the UK. You need an MSVA certificate to register your car.

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  Replica Morgan three wheeler kits and cars, trikes, specialist sports cars and kit manufacturers of the original BRA CX3 MG3 & CV3 cycle cars
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The Aero Cycle Car  is  a  two-seater, open cockpit, sporting car in the tradition of a 1920s Triking type cyclecar.
The Aero Cycle Car is similar to the Morgan Three Wheeler.