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updated 22/03/2020

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Custom built three wheeler cars and kits
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Remember...superb aluminium bodywork...with 120 louvres,... not just fibreglass!

Panelled Bodywork

Here is a selection of pre-cut, pre-formed sheet and sections for a barrel-back body. The only pieces that differ with a beetle-back body are the upper rear raised internal panels, the lower rear internal panels and of course, there is no flat rear panel. This is our standard.
N.B. For the avoidance of doubt, Kit 001 does not include a dashboard. This has always been an option, and is shown within the options list at
Prices & specs
Currently, only the "Aero" (raised or humped) scuttle may be fitted with an aluminium circle polished dashboard. The flat topped scuttle may be fitted with a solid wood dashboard, we supply a solid elm dashboard for this, but there is no glove box.
The following 29 photos show a barrel back body/kit. The beetle back chassis is rounded at the back end, with a different rear upper grp cover. The side panels are louvred at the rear in "Morgan style". All other aluminium components are identical, as of course is the chassis forward of the rear swing arm location.

These photos shows the standard of aluminium panelling undertaken in our workshops. Complete panelled chassis are available now as a "starter" kit.

These four shots show bonnets loosely fitted, Aero scuttle with circle polished/engine turned dashboard, and detachable front louvred panel. The bonnet panels sit down precisely once the spring catches have been fitted after the main side panels have been riveted and bonded on. The glove box area has a grp glove box that can be fitted in as an extra. The aperture has a hinged closing panel that neatly finishes off the dashboard.

Close-up of the detachable front panel, behind which a 038 size battery sits on a special tray.

Fitted electrics box with hinged lid. This box is bolted in position and can be removed.

Left shot shows M8 riv-nuts into which the pedal box bolts which can be moved fore and aft. Note the rotobroach cut holes around the riv-nuts. Both of these upper deck panels can be removed for access. Note the joggled panels either side of the raised electrics box lid, this enables the lid to sit flush within the upper deck.

Left shot shows the detachable trim edging, cut to fit around the edge of the scuttle. Note the black self adhesive velcro material that protects the top chassis rail.

Shots looking fore and aft, right hand side of the chassis (UK driver's side) Welded black plinth, set at an angle allows our reversing gearbox to be bolted down. A side cover can then be fitted around the reversing gearbox.

Detachable lower rear cover enables access to the swing arm.

Detachable to cover, enabling access to the rear wheel.
Detachable sloping cover. It can be seen that if all four detachable panels are removed, there is excellent access to the rear wheel area. There is storage room alongside both rear fixed panels, immediately under the grp rear cover.

The laser cut rear most sloping panel is also detachable.

Left shot is a general view showing central cockpit area and access to the lower storage areas. Right shot shows the detachable aluminium rear bulkhead. The apertures are filled by hinged lids (not shown)

Left shots show the small detachable panel that enables the MSVA inspector to inspect the lower seat belt mounting points. The right shot shows the rear wheel area with all panels removed, including the rear most laser cut sloping panel, on to which a spare wheel may be mounted.

These unusual shots beneath the hinged bonnet halves show 96 louvres. The aperture to the left in the scuttle and the small raised welded plinth takes the upper steering column. In the right shot can be seen the fuse box protruding from the scuttle. The fuel tank sits directly in front of the scuttle.       

Beetle-back rear panel. Note alternative cleko pins and rivets at this stage. The full length adjacent panels are louvred in "Morgan" style and are joggled to overlap this panel.

Fully riveted rear panel.

Front louvred panel now joggled so it fits over the main side panel and can be detached. It is fixed using flush riv-nuts.

ear 8 inch louvres now give the rear bodywork a distinctive ''old Morgan look". Note the joggled edge.

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