Knight's Cross Collectors Photo Cards
Ritterkreuz Collectors Photo Cards
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Updated 25/10/2015

The Knights Cross/Ritterkreuz (RK) shown above is approximately full size at 48mm across the arms of the cross.
Various manufacturers in Germany made the Ritterkreuz and they varied in size from 47.9mm - 49.2mm.
The Golden Oakleaves and Swords (shown above) were presented to Oberst Hans-Ulrich Rudel.

PRICE: Each card is 2.50GBP, no minimum order for UK. Europe, minimum order = 2 cards. Rest of World (ROW), minimum order = 3 cards.

POSTAGE: UK  = .70p each card.
                                     EUROPE  = 1 (min 2 cards)
                                                               WORLDWIDE (ROW) = 1.50 (min 3 cards)
directly to: art@spitfireart.com
The Collectors Cards are available in three different series. All are 100mm x 150mm.

 SERIES 1          SERIES 2          SERIES 3

All series begin with Hauptmann Erich Hartmann, since he was the highest scoring Luftwaffe pilot with 352 Victories.

These cards depict Staffel and Gruppe emblems relevant to each pilot, though it must be borne in mind that some Staffeln and Gruppe did not have specific emblems. Also shown are the "Waffenfarbe", the particular shoulder boards and collar patches relevant to the highest rank achieved, plus rank insignia attached to the arms of specific types of flying suit or jacket. Generally speaking, the highest rank achieved in WW2 is the rank depicted on each card, however, please bear in mind that the rank shown in the colour photos in many instances is not the highest rank achieved. Likewise, the rank at the time of the award is not necessarily the highest rank achieved.

Feindflge = Missions, Luftsiege = Victories. Etwa = approximately, ber = over/more than. RK = Ritterkreuz/Knight's Cross. EL = Eichenlaub/Oak Leaves. S =Schwertern/Swords. Br = Brillanten/Diamonds. The word Sample does not appear on the actual cards.

                                                   Examples of Series 1, 2, & 3                                              

                          SERIES 1                               


























































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