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updated 22/03/2020

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Custom built three wheeler cars and kits
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Remember...superb aluminium bodywork...with 120 louvres,... not just fibreglass!

GRP Bodywork:

Scuttles and dashboards:

There are two scuttles, the "twin humped" raised Aero scuttle is the standard, to which a circle polished dashboard fits. The other scuttle is flat topped and is a special order, and this can have a circle polished aluminium dashboard or one from solid wood. We have supplied solid elm dashboards for this alternative scuttle.

Below, after the selection of photos showing the raised Aero scuttle and dashboard, can be seen the latest innovations concerning the alternative scuttle and both the beetleback and barrelback rear covers complete with new aluminium rear bulkheads. The aluminium bulkhead is shown as an engine turned/circle polished option, and this may not always be the case (they might solely be available in standard aluminium only, once the initial batch of circle polished ones have been sold), they are from 3mm aluminium, and have doors laser cut from the apertures, that can be hinged and fitted with a catch.

Here is a 17mm thick solid elm dashboard fitted to a Honda CX3 car. This style of dashboard fits the alternative flat topped scuttle.

New Aero scuttle, fitted with aluminium dashboards. These dashboards are available in plain, polished and engine turned finishes.



You can just make out a laser cut glove box compartment lid which are hinged and have a catch.


Here is a bare unpolished aluminium dashboard fitted to an Aero scuttle.  Note the large glove compartment aperture, awaiting a compartment lid.

This shot shows the flange around the alternative scuttle.             This shot shows the aluminium bulkhead to a beetleback.

These shots show the barrelback rear cover complete with flange, the aluminium bulkhead (the apertures have hingeable doors). Note the side trim strips which are 32mm trim strips through which the rear cover is fixed in four places. The central aluminium trim strip is 25mm wide.


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