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Custom built three wheeler cars and kits
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Remember...superb aluminium bodywork...with 120 louvres,... not just fibreglass!

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Donor Moto Guzzi bikes:

Basically any big twin 850/950/1046 cc engined bikes with the five speed gearbox can be used from the late 1970s up to the late 2000s, from simple carburetted engines to the last California Special Sports/Stone/Titanium type bikes. These types ran twin legged swing arms from the T3 style right up to the later California models. All of these bikes use 10 spline couplings/driveshafts/cardan joints.

At least 5 different styles of swing arms have been used over this period. The T3/T5 style swing arm is the simplest, these have parallel arms. The swing arms changed in order to accommodate wider wheels as models progressed. The wider California swing arms will also fit.

Rear wheel sizes have changed over the years as well. The early T3/T5 style wheels are 18 inch, later California Special Sport style are 17 inch.

Rear brake plates, rear brake discs and calipers have all changed over the years as well, and compatibility can be a problem.

MSVA requires a rear brake linked to the foot brake, ie the front brakes, plus you will need a handbrake caliper. In the past the hand brake caliper entailed using a Convert parking brake caliper, but these are becoming exceedingly rare.

We have rear calipers that solves both rear braking problems, however the problem  then becomes one of compatibility of wheel/brake disc/brake caliper mounting plate. We have solved this by having new plates made up enabling a combined caliper to be fitted.

Engine choice is entirely down to you if you buying a kit from us. You would in such an instance possess or be in the process of buying a suitable donor bike.

If we are building a car for you, we might be supplying a rebuilt drive train for you, or you might be supplying a donor bike directly, or perhaps you might even ask us to purchase a donor bike on your behalf.

In the case of a donor bike, whatever the age, it might be the case for example, that new items might still be required, such as rear brake components, and we would advise you accordingly and purchase such items on your behalf. Such items might not have been prior quoted to you, and you will have to bear such costs.

In all cases, we can advise the suitability of such donor bikes.

Stripping down a donor bike by us is not just a case of unbolting items and rebolting them to your chassis in our workshop. Some items will almost certainly be dirty and will need cleaning. We will advise you as we strip the bike, and will have to charge additional labour as required.

Please remember, that what appears clean and serviceable on a bike as you bought it, may not necessarily be the case once we begin to strip your bike. Of course if we have purchased a bike on your behalf, this would also be the case.

In dismantling a bike, some items which might have been brittle due to age, might snap or simply need replacing. In such cases we will advise you, and costs must be met by you.

We have purchased California bikes from 2003/4/5/6 which have done less than 2000 miles. These inevitably are exceedingly clean and almost as new.

Inevitably rear tyres will need changing, and we shall advise you accordingly.

These pictures show a 1991 California 3 about to be stripped. This is an early fuel injection model. This bike was purchased for approximately 2400. This is a low mileage example.


These pictures show a 2004 California Titanium fuel injected model that wasn't registered until 2009, about to be stripped. This model cost approximately 4750. This model had done under 1000 miles.

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