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updated 22/03/2020

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Custom built three wheeler cars and kits available
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Remember...superb aluminium bodywork...with 120 louvres,... not just fibreglass!

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We purchased the full rights to the BRA CX3 and MG3 in 2003 from the previous owners in North Wales, UK, then later purchasing the CV3 Citroen model as well.

MG3 production far outstrips other models. The Moto Guzzi engines in all guises produce more power and torque, rev far lower, are less noisy and far more comfortable as a long distance cruiser than the Honda CX engines.

Two chaps called Berry and Ibbotson originally designed the CX3 model in the early 1990s. Two further chaps called Mather and Wiles took the machine the next stage, then when accidentally "dropping" a chassis frame on to a Citroen 2CV chassis, the CV3 was born! The MG3 was a natural development of the CX3 and has now become the favoured model for motorcycle engine enthusiasts. The CV3 appeals to a different person, is a different car of course, but with classic Gallic appeal!

The various models:

MG3, powered by 850/950/1100cc Moto Guzzi air cooled V twin engines from Moto Guzzi Spada/G5/Le Mans/California motorcycles.
For MG3 prices, click here
MG3 Prices & specifications

CV3, powered by Citroen 2CV/Visa flat twin air cooled engines. For CV3 prices, click here
CV3 Citroen model

CX3, powered by 500cc or 650cc Honda V twin engines from the Honda CX500/650 motorcycles.

Impending legislation called MSVA (Motor Cycle Single Vehicle Approval) had been mooted for some years before hand and this finally came into force in August 2003. I worked closely with the MSVA authority (VOSA) in Bristol, indeed, the head of MSVA invited me to bring my demonstrator car to a training session at one of their test centres.

MSVA is a stringent set of rules exempting vehicles from European Whole Vehicle Type Approval. It is designed to be harmonised across all EU states in time.

Each vehicle is subjected to an individual test costing 104. An MSVA manual is downloadable from VOSA at Motorcycle Single Vehicle Approval Inspection Manual

Three wheelers of our type have to comply with specific regulations contained within the manual.

In order to comply with the new legislation, we had to make a number of very important changes to the chassis design. In undertaking such changes, we made further safety and aesthetic changes, and have offered further options. The chassis design has substantially changed including of course a very pleasant rounded beetle-back option.

Arthur Rayner

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+44 (0)7976 312058 (mobile)

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